Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio, established in 2015, is an architecture and design practice focusing on public and residential interior architecture, custom and limited edition design pieces, and temporary public installations.
The studio's diverse portfolio is characterized by a very personal and intimate process, that puts the end user at the center of the design creating spaces and unique pieces with a strong identity. Drawing inspiration from art, cinema and scenography, the practice stays true to the theme while always creating something new. The richness of each project derives from the simplicity and originality of the ideas, the use of noble materials and from the carefully designed and crafted details.
The minimalist, yet eclectic and extroverted approach, typical for the interior design projects, that reflect a strong connection to the architectural space, to its function and nonetheless express the individuality of the client, are counterbalanced by the conceptual, sculptural, almost poetic and introverted outlook of the collectible design objects, that reflect a constant search for the essence of the idea in its purest form.

Winner of numerous architectural prices, the works of Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio has been widely published in some of the most important architecture and design publications.
Bogdan Ciocodeica's limited edition collectible design pieces are represented worldwide by Kolkhoze Gallery, Paris.


Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio:

Natalia DUMITRU / Ana PORIM / Roxana DAN / Alexandra POPA / Diana ROSU