project team: Bogdan Ciocodeica / Elvira Lupsa
collaborator: Roxana Dan
featuring: Ubikubi / Retros / Unicat ArtWorks
guest appearances: Acasă: the film by Radu Ciorniciuc / CRESC by Ana Constantinescu / Minitremu by Monotremu
photo: Andrei Margulescu
location: Bucharest / 2016

A place for everything and everything in its place.
Belonging(s) - a layered visual statement about the role, and place, of objects in our lives. Looking at the influence of context over the status of objects, when does an object become art and when does art become a mere object?
Put that 'thing' in its place - said your mother.
But what is the perfect place for art?
We invite the passerby’s of Calea Victoriei to inquire about the items that make out our living spaces, where do they belong and eventually, where do we belong as humans among these things that we accumulate and collect.