by Bogdan Ciocodeica for Kolkhoze Gallery, Paris, 2023
images: S T O A

The Ecou nightstand is a piece of furniture that is part of a larger collection. Ecou is made of a series of collectible furniture pieces, in a limited edition, created exclusively for the Kolkhoze Gallery from Paris. Each object is produced in an edition of 8+4 AP (artist approved), numbered and signed pieces, being at the intersection between a functional and a sculptural object.
Modernist sculpture represents the starting point for the Ecou collection, from which draws inspiration from taking a simple gesture and synthetizing it to the maximum and thus remixing it, exploring new forms and values that are born from this playful attitude. Integrating this spatial movement into a piece of furniture, it acquires new forms of existence, it’s reborn. The approach is one of distilling the form and searching for new meanings in a palpable environment, creating a bridge between an object with a functional role and a sculpture.
The Ecou nightstand is an homage to the work titled “The Kiss” belonging to Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, one of the most important exponents of the modernist movement in sculpture. The object takes the gesture and synthesizes it. The embrace between the two entities is the main artistic drive behind the piece. The intention is at the same time very discreet, from a distance the object looks very compact, monobloc, but it becomes very obvious as you get closer to it. The Art Deco inspired geometry only strengthens the lines that define the embrace between the two halves. The use of a dark wood essence, be it the American walnut or the Wenge version, is intentional. The dark, intense color creates different user experience moments in regard to the object depending on the viewing distance and the amount of light.
Produced in a workshop in Paris, with a long history in furniture making, the object can exist as a compact piece, a wood carving, or it can take a step further towards the specific functionality, that of a piece of furniture, even having a drawer, without it losing none of the power of the concept or the visual integrity.

ECOU collection consists of 6 pieces:
cabinet, sideboard, dining table, coffee table, bedside table and room divider
Pieces available exclusively at Kolkhoze