project by: Bogdan Ciocodeica
photo: Kinga Tomos
set production: Our Design
location: Bucharest / 2019

Lunet is a Bucharest based eye wear label that aims to turn the over complicated process of shopping for glasses into a fun, close to no effort experience. The pop-up was created to introduce the brand to the market and to offer an offline experience, an interaction between the product and the users. Designed as a one time only event the aim was to create an experience similar to a physical shop but less rigid, in an unconventional space, that allows you to get in contact with glasses. You can try them on, see the details, choose the right model for you, without feeling constricted, rushed, or pressured like you would normally feel in a classical environment dedicated to purchasing eye ware. The space chosen was an industrial, minimalist background which provides the perfect backdrop for the elements that make up the pop-up. For the intervention itself we chose to have three distinct elements. A series of light boxes featuring images from Alex Galmenau, a well known Romanian photographer, presenting a selection of his latest photographs, meant to highlight the special effect a change in perspective has on the most common of objects and shapes, much like the design approach of the Lunet glasses. The second element is a slim long table, with brass legs, which offers the display area for the glasses and the mirrors. The most spectacular elements are the three architectural frames, that act as a reinterpretation of a window display of a classical shop, with brass shelves for displaying products, which can also take on a life of their own acting as flexible, almost fluid selenography for displaying products and initiating a conversation with the users. With their vibrant colors and the sharp tensions created between the precise, interlacing geometrical elements, softened only by the brass mirroring, the frames become part of the aesthetic of the Lunet universe, where clean lines and good design is the main focus.