project by:
Bogdan Ciocodeica
photo: Kinga Tomos
set production: Stefan Zwart
location: Bucharest / 2019

The new The Edit Pop-up comes with a fresh, flexible retail approach - a modular structure made of 4 clearly defined areas that stretch over an area of 9 square meters, creating a game of volumes, heights and textures. The Edit pieces are highlighted by the monochrome structure and the glossy texture of the white mosaic. The pop-up was created having in mind the rather complex brief represented by the need to create a space in which to perfectly fit sophisticated design pieces but taking into account the different scenarios and spatial limitations. that might appear.
Geometrically the pop-up has an almost architectural-urban approach, suggesting a small city silhouette reduced at object scale, which becomes the backdrop for a delicate mix of textures and finishes, volumes and geometries, all part of The Edit universe.